Welcome to Sinomusa Community Development

We are advocating for rural cancer awareness - community walks against cancer, education, screening, referral and follow up - for cancer of the cervix, breast, prostate and aids related malignances.

Sinomusanothando Community Development, is a non-profit non-governmental organisation whose vision is to facilitate the realization of the potential of individuals and communities and enhance their ability to improve their health and quality of life in a democratic society. It was founded in 2004, registered in 2007 aiming at preventing the escalating morbidity and mortality caused by cancer related diseases.

Dr Thandeka Mazibuko, specialising in Radiation Oncology in KZN, is a founder of Sinomusanothando Community Development that advocates for cancer awareness in the rural arears and townships, she is using her goverment salary to keep this NGO active. As a medical doctor born in the rural arears of kwaZulu Natal, she could not sit back and watch rural communities presenting with very late stage and incurable cancer related advanced disease in KZN hospitals, she decided not to only palliate these incurable cancers which the majority were from the rural community members. Realising that the main problem was the lack of knowledge, poor early screening and detection of cancer amongst the rural communities and previously disadvantaged communities.

The bible says " My people perish due to their lack of knowledge". The question is are we going to let the rural communities perish?

The NGO provides education in the form of school visits and cancer awareness walks, free screening for cervical cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and AIDS-related cancers. It also provides follow up for those already diagnosed and on treatment. These are preventable cancers if patients screen and present to the health facilities, they have good outcome and long survival rates. We cannot sit back and watch our communities die in numbers, while they presents with foul smelling ulcerative diseases, presenting with wounds infested by worms, coming out of their bodies. Nobody deserve that. Hence we say KZN SAY NO TO CANCER!!! From KZN to AFRICA.